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One of the world’s leading online retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry, Blue Nile, has announced the launch of a redesigned Blue Nile website ( The diamond jewelry online retailer stated that the revamped website offers new innovative features, enhanced product visualization, larger images, expanded product detail, and new ways to view products.

Blue Nile CEO Diane Irvine noted: “Since our founding in 1999, Blue Nile has grown from startup to become the leading online jewelry retailer, as well as one of the largest specialty jewelers in the world. We created the new website to provide an enhanced look and feel that reflects our premium brand positioning. Consistent with our guiding principle of executing with excellence for our customers, our site provides exciting new tools and features that will enhance the Blue Nile fine jewelry shopping experience.”

Blue Nile noted that it has upgraded its Diamond Search capability and provided its BUILD YOUR OWN RING® feature with a completely new layout, as well as more search tools for consumers. Diamond Search also contains a new comparison feature, which enables customers to evaluate diamonds side-by-side.

The e-commerce fine jeweler added that the new site also provides enhanced navigation, search, and product filtering capabilities. Consumers can now narrow their selection to generate a diamond product assortment customized to their specifications.

Senior Vice President Sue Bell stated: “Most fine jewelry customers are men buying gifts for their wives or girlfriends. We know our customers, and they want to be in control of the shopping process. This redesign gives him even more tools to create his own shopping experience.”


August DTC sale biggest so far this year, RBC

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De Beers held its biggest sale so far this year in August as diamond prices improved, RBC Capital Markets said, citing cutters and polishers it didn’t identify, Bloomberg reported.

De Beers probably sold diamonds worth as much as $475 million at its seventh sale, analyst Des Kilalea said in a note to clients dated yesterday.

That brings sales at the Diamond Trading Co., De Beers’ trading arm, to about $2.2 billion this year, the lowest “in more than 20 years,” he wrote.

De Beers spokeswoman Lynette Gould couldn’t immediately comment when Bloomberg News contacted her by phone in London.

De Beers expects demand to improve in the second half, it said on July 24, according to the report. The company, which is 45% owned by Anglo American Plc, slashed output as first half sales dropped 57% to $1.4 billion, it said.

Recession cut demand in the US, which accounts for about half of global diamond retail sales. Prices have increased about 6.8% during the past three months, according to an index compiled by PolishedPrices, the report said.

“Resilient” prices could “reflect the need of the cutting and polishing factories to ensure they have sufficient stock for the Indian festival of Diwali and the important Christmas season in the world’s largest market, the US,” Kilalea said in the note.

RBC is forecasting DTC’s sales at $2.8 billion to $3 billion this year.


Fine Watch Sales Decline Moderates

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Jewelry Biz-News quotes new data from LGI Network, a provider of marketing and sales information to luxury goods retailers, manufacturers and distributors, according to which luxury watch sales for July 2009 declined in comparison to the same month the previous year.

According to the data, the overall market for fine watches declined by 20% on a same-store dollar basis with $329 million worth of fine watches sold at MSRP value. On a same-store basis, the market contracted in unit terms by 18%, with about 394,000 units sold.

Nevertheless, the data indicate that the decline in luxury watch sales continues to be more moderate month by month, which may signify that the downward trend may be losing momentum.



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Poet smuggled Commie diamonds in chocolates

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A BRITISH writer brought diamonds from Russia into the UK disguised in a box of chocolate creams to help fund communist propaganda after World War One, secret files show.

Britain’s national security agency, the MI5, found that poet Francis Meynell had been channelling Russian funds into Britain to support his left-wing Daily Herald newspaper where he was a director.

Meynell’s file is among 140 secret files released today by Britain’s National Archives that detail stories of German intelligence officers, communists and soviet agents.

The MI5 collection, which includes files from Hitler’s deputy Martin Bormann and American actor Sam Wanamaker, covers subjects from the pre-war period, World War Two and the post war period.

Secret files on Wanamaker, who was responsible for the recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, show detailed material from his theatre projects which were viewed as vehicles for spreading left-wing ideas in Britain.

The files also reveal intimate details of British architect Graeme Shankland’s homosexual relationship after the MI5 intercepted his personal mail in 1956.

Shankland, a member of the British communist party since 1941, was recorded as living with his partner Peter Thomas.

“Thomas has a small bedroom, adjoining that of Shankland, but this is seldom used, both men occupying the large bed in Shankland’s room,” a letter from the police said.

Through secret telegrams, landing cards and letters, the MI5 documents reveal individuals’ appearance and personal habits.

Soviet intelligence officer Ivan Bolshakov had a complexion described as “ruddy” and was known to walk with a very “erect posture” while American journalist Anna Strong was described as “the American crank extremist”.

Files on Strong, rumoured to be Trotsky’s mistress, show her as one of the most important couriers for the communist movement in the Soviet Union and China.

In a letter to Chinese leader Mao Zedong she wrote: “I wish to spend the rest of my life in spreading the news of the Chinese people’s revolution and especially of you personally and your ideas and methods as widely as possible in the world.”

The MI5 files are the 23rd batch released to the public.

Howard Davies of the National Archives said the MI5 only releases material more than 50 years old.


Uncut tanzanite hits bottom price in August

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The local price of rough tanzanite has recently plunged by nearly 50 percent to its lowest price in history, reported The Guardian.

The per-gram uncut price has slipped from US$350 in June this year to US$180 in August. “This is the lowest price recorded in the history of tanzanite business,” gemstone broker Adam Leiyani was quoted as saying.

Some local analysts attributed the fall in the local tanzanite price to the lacklustre economy in the US, which imports 70 percent of the gemstone from Tanzania, while Thailand and India account for 15 percent of local sales of tanzanite, followed by Europe with 5 percent.


Man Finds His Wedding Ring At The Bottom Of A Harbor

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Diamonds: The Latest in Treating Infections

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Diamond Giant Alrosa Plans $2 Billion in Diamond Sales in 2009

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Diamond Giant Alrosa intends to sell $2 billion worth of diamonds in 2009, according to the new president of Russia’s biggest diamond producer, Fyodor Andryev.

Andreyev, who replaced former Alrosa CEO Sergei Vybornov earlier this month, stated that the diamond company intends to fulfill its $2 billion plan for diamond sales in 2009, and that the first batch of diamonds worth $50 million has already been contracted.

According to Andreyev, Russia’s State Depositary for Precious Metals is going to be a significant buyer of Alrosa’s diamonds, in addition to potential diamond buyers from both Russia and other nations.

In 2008, the Alrosa Group’s rough diamond sales amounted to $2.18 billion, while polished diamond sales reached $157.5 million. Alrosa dominates the Russian diamond market with a 97% share, and provides 25% of the global diamond production.



Posted: 2009-07-28 06:02:02

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The world’s largest diamond producer, De Beers, has reported a 99-percent drop in net profits for the first half of 2009 to just $3 million after demand for luxury goods was hard hit by the global recession.

The diamond giant, which has a 50/50 partnership with Government in Debswana, made $316 million in the same period a year ago before the economic downturn deterred even the wealthy from splashing out on non-essentials.

De Beers blamed an “extraordinarily difficult” trading environment for the slump in profitability. Sales of rough diamonds by DTC (including joint ventures like DTC Botswana) were down by 57 percent to $1.4 billion with production slashed by 73 percent to 6.6million carats.

“The industry has been severely impacted by the global economic environment being the most difficult in decades,” said the company, which temporarily halted production at its Botswana mines until last April and has cut its global workforce by 23 percent.

De Beers posted a second quarter profit of $189 million on sales of $1.3 billion after a first quarter loss of $186 million on sales of just $400 million.

The giant diamond miner, which generally reports only year-end and half-year results, said it was presenting the quarterly sales and earnings to show how its performance has improved.

The poor figures add to growing evidence that the luxury goods sector has been hard hit by the global financial crisis that tightened its noose on developed economies in the second half of last year.

Earlier this year, De Beers temporarily ceased production at many of its mines, resulting in a 73-percent drop in first half output. It anticipates that output this year will be half of last year’s 48.1 million carats.

But the company struck a somewhat optimistic note on outlook, saying “industry sentiment improved significantly” in the second quarter of this year with the price of rough diamonds beginning to rise again. While diamond demand is still subdued in the US, there is stronger interest in emerging markets such as China and India.

“The price of rough diamonds has begun to trend upwards,” it said. “These translate into improving sales trends for the DTC.”

De Beers pointed out that no major new diamond deposits have been discovered in over a decade, suggesting that demand will increasingly outpace supply.

“Looking to the medium term, diamonds have historically performed well in periods following recessions, with significant price growth seen in almost every recovery period dating back to before the 1970s,” the company said.

But it also admitted that few of the jobs it has eliminated in the downturn will be recreated even if the market rises again.

De Beers produces and markets 40 percent of the world’s rough diamonds by value, extracting them from 14 mines in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada.

It sells the diamonds to 78 sightholders, which are primarily diamond-cutting and polishing companies.

In Botswana, there are 16 sightholders who get their supply from DTC Botswana. Recently, the sightholders have suffered from a pullback in lending by banks and a sharp downturn in demand.

Despite the recent plunge in its sale of rough stones, De Beers estimates retail sales of diamond jewellery globally are down just 5 percent to 10 percent overall.



Posted: 2009-07-28 06:56:05

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More Accolades For Excel Diamonds Tiffany Replica Engagement Rings!

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Excel has consistently garnered rave reviews for manufacturing the highest quality Tiffany inspired engagement ring settings anywhere. Most recently, a customer who purchased the ExcelDiamonds/SuperbCert Tiffany Replica Ring, posted the following testimonial (with photos included!!) to a
popular Diamond Information Website:
---------------------------------------------------------- I recently purchaesed an engagement ring from Excel Diamonds and couldn't imagine a better diamond buying experience. Barry and Judah were on call for all my questions and patiently dealt with any request I made. I was nervous about making such a large purchase online and was hoping that when the diamond arrived I would get what I was sold. After opening the diamond I couldn't believe my eyes as it was the most beautiful ring I had seen with more brilliance than any of the stones we'd seen at local jewelry stores. My fiance is in love with the ring and people constantly compliment her on the stone. After wearing the ring for a few days she decided it was a little to big and we decided to send it to Barry and have him re-size it. (at no cost of course) In order to get her size I suggested she go to Tiffany's and have them size her finger. The ring I ordered from Barry was a Tiffany 6 prong replica and a big reason I chose Excel was the quality of their Tiffany replica settings. The lady at Tiffanys loved the ring so much she was convinced that we had purchased it there and offered to send it to New York right away for re-sizing. We didn't take her up on the offer but walked aways from the store feeling like we had gotten an incredible value from Excel without paying the Tiffany price. -----------------------------------------------------
Here are the actual photos taken by this customer of our gorgeous
Tiffany  inspired ring! superbcert%20tiffany%20ring.jpg



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